Businessmen Services

Existing in the core of Dubai UAE, MRM Businessmen Services is a service oriented company providing customers with the wide range of business services for successful operations across UAE. We assist our clients by providing them with our business, individual services and solutions.

We expertise on the following services as mentioned below.

Corporate Services

  • Tas’heel Services
  • Locating Office Space
  • Locating Service Agents
  • Registration / Renewals of Trade License
  • Business Startup Services
  • Business Sponsorship
  • New Bank Accounts
  • Attestations of Contracts

PRO Services (short term & long term or based on per transaction)

  • Processing of Visa Applications
  • Employment Visa
  • Investor’s Visa
  • Visit Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Residence Visa

Translation Services

  • Typing Service – Arabic & English
  • Legal & Non Legal Translation
  • Commercial & Legal Contract Drafting
  • Power of Attorney & Declaration Drafting

Professional License

For setting up a professional firm in a 100% foreign ownership, sole proprietorships or civil companies are permitted. Such firms may engage in professional or artisan activities but the number of staff members that may be employed is limited. A UAE national must be appointed as local service agent, but he has no direct involvement in the business and is paid a lump sum and/or percentage of profits or turnover. The role of the local service agent is to assist in obtaining licenses, visas, labour cards etc.

Free Zone Establishment

The Free Trade Zones have been set up with the specific purpose of facilitating investment. The procedures for investing in the zones are relatively simple. The companies operating in the Free Zones are treated as being offshore, or outside the UAE for legal purposes. The free zones are suitable for companies intending to use UAE as a regional manufacturing or distribution base, with the bulk of their business outside the UAE.

Branches of Foreign Commercial Companies

The Commercial Companies Law also covers the formation and regulation of branches and representative offices of foreign companies in the UAE and stipulates that they may be 100% foreign owned, provided a local agent is appointed.

Only UAE nationalities or companies 100% owned by UAE nationals may be appointed as local service agents. Local agents or otherwise known as sponsors who are not involved in the operations of the company but assist in obtaining visas, labour cards, etc and are paid a lump sum and/or a percentage of profits or turnover. In general, branches and offices of foreign commercial companies are not licensed to engage in importing activity except for re-export or in the case of products of a highly technical nature.

To establish a branch or representative office in Dubai the following documents are required:

  • Company registration certificate
  • Board of directors’ resolution for establishing a branch
  • True copy of company’s memorandum / articles of association
  • Power of Attorney to the representative
  • Financial statements for the last two years
  • Local service agency agreement
  • Details of local service agent
  • Company profile

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Documents require for the initial approval:

  • Type Registration and Licensing application form (Form No:BR/1)
  • List of Trade names ( Form no.BR/2)
  • Photo copy of the all partners passport for those without any previous license with residence permits/ visas for Non-GCC states Nationals & UAE Nationals naturalization identification ( for those any previous license)

  • Photocopy of the directors passport incase he/she is not one of the partners
  • The company board of directors resolution to subscribe to the new company if the partner is an existing corporate entity in the UAE or abroad. The resolution must be attested by UAE embassy /consulate or by GCC state embassy consulate and UAE ministry of foreign affairs, and dully translated into Arabic

  • No- objection letter from the other government authorities according to the type of the activity

Documents required after initial approval:

  • Initial approval slip
  • All documents mentioned in section one above
  • Photocopy of the office lease including the plot of number
  • Sub- lease no- objection letter from the depth of the real estate if the business premises is leased from the granted by the government of Dubai
  • Original memorandum of the of association duly authenticated by the notary public of the emirate & photocopy
  • Two copies of the certificate issued by a director (Specimen no.BR/10)
  • Certificate issued by the applicants bank in Dubai (Specimen no.BR/11)
  • Original bank certificate issued by the applicants bank in Dubai Specimen No.BR/12)
  • Photocopy of the auditors license issued in Dubai.

Sole Establishment

Documents required for the initial approval

  • Typed registration & licensing application form (Form no. BR/1)
  • List of trade names (Form no. BR/2)
  • Photocopy of the applicants passports for those without any previous license, together with the residence permit/ visa ( for non-GCC states nationals)
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s naturalization identification (UAE nationals only ) for those without any previous license.
  • No- objection letter from the applicant visa sponsor(Non-GCC Nationals)
  • Photocopy of the managers (if any) passport.
  • Permission from the court to practice business, for applicants under 21 year.
  • Resume of the applicant, for a professional business which require the certain work experience and the academic qualifications, such as licenses for all kind of consultancies ( Form no.BR/3)

  • Approval issued by other Government Authorities according to the type of the activity

Documents requires after obtaining the initial approval

  • The initial approval slip
  • All document mentioned in section 1 above
  • Photocopy of the office lease including the plot number( it is suggested to contact the counter of the planning dept. of Dubai municipality at the department of economic development, before leasing the premises in the order to ensure that it is suitable for the business).

  • Sub- lease no –objection letter from the Dept. of Real estate if the business premises is leased form or granted by government of Dubai.
  • The appointment contract of the local services agent duly authenticated by the notary public ( professional license of non- GCC nationals) ( specimen No.BR/13)

  • Original bank certificate issued by the applicant’s bank in Dubai( general trading, contracting or investing in commercial, industrial, and agricultural holding and trust companies) ( form no.BR/14)